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How does Canine Security Company ensure full-time protection?

     Our experience has shown that delivering a dog nightly to your premises leaves an unpredictable period between the time you close and the delivery of the dogs.

Canine Security Company gives full-time protection by housing the dogs in a kennel on your site. The visibility of the dogs during the day further helps deter crime.

At closing time, an agent of your business can safely release the guard dogs from outside the property with a lock and pin mechanism. Dogs will be permitted to roam freely to patrol the area. We visit the property in the morning prior to the business opening to feed, water and secure dogs in their enclosure.

Are Canine Security Guard Dogs Safe?

     The guard dogs protect a fenced area with warning signs clearly posted. No one gets in "accidentally".

The bark of the guard dogs is enough to discourage anyone, even a child, from approaching area.

Will Canine Security Guard Dogs attack someone they're not supposed to attack?

    In our 20 years of experience with guard dogs, none of our dogs have ever attacked anyone, unprovoked, when outside their assigned guard area.

Guard dogs, like house dogs, react furiously when strangers enter their territory, but behave differently elsewhere.

What our satisfied customers are saying

Jacksonville Fl. -"While other nearby business owners experience thefts and property damages using security surveillance devices, the guard dogs have continued to protect our assets."

Jacksonville Fl.- "Very satisfied with this service. Cost effective. The dogs are great I just have peace of mind when I close up shop and go home."

Jacksonville Fl.- "Canine Security dogs have saved us from a lot of headaches and grief from the thefts that could have occurred. We are extremely pleased with the service and couldn't think of a more cost effective method of security."

Jacksonville Fl.- "We have not had a single theft on our large car lot since we placed the dogs here. Before the dogs, thefts and break-ins were costing us time and money."

Jacksonville Fl.- "Just the sight of Canine Security dogs on our construction site is enough to discourage any would-be thief."

Jacksonville Fl.- "Canine Security dogs have worked for us. We feel very secure having the dogs protect our millions of dollars of equipment."